About Us

Mission Statement

At Americorp Financial, our mission is to partner with healthcare manufacturers and suppliers to provide custom, seamless, and flexible finance solutions for their customers. Built on over 30 years of integrity and service, our programs are structured and proven to close business in the healthcare market.

Our main goal involves creating tailored programs that can help you close deals faster. We’ve worked with both young companies rolling out new technology, as well as some of the largest, most well-established manufacturers looking to speed up the funding process. Americorp prides itself in customizing programs to complement the way our partners sell products.

Americorp’s success in the healthcare equipment leasing market is largely due to its management and sales staff, who have developed a good understanding of important factors impacting this market, including the following:

  • Innovation in healthcare technology and its impact on the equipment market
  • Federal and state regulations
  • Healthcare reimbursement systems
  • End-user demographics and the economic factors influencing the success of a healthcare facility
  • Special equipment financing needs of equipment vendors and end-users

While Americorp has garnered a unique position in the healthcare lending marketplace, our vendor partners have relied on Americorp’s creative financing programs for niche customer needs such as deferred payments, bridge to budget, ramp up programs and even competitive standard rates.