Are you feeling the pain from losing a customer to a competitor? Americorp wants to relieve those headaches by helping you during the sales process with a financing solution prescribed specifically for your customers.

If we asked you, “What was your prospective buyer’s #1 pain point with their customers?”, the most popular answer probably would involve the upfront cash expense. Every decision maker will weigh multiple factors before earmarking cash for equipment, and most companies try to save every dollar for other capital or operational improvements.

A lease, rental or finance agreement provides a viable solution for your customer’s budgetary pains to acquire your equipment. The challenge involves picking the right financing product to address your customer’s budgetary concerns.

Diagnosing Your Customer’s Pain

What medicine do you take to relieve pain? Is it the same medication your spouse, children or friends take? Do you have a medication tailored specifically toward you? Does that medication work or do you need a different medication?

You get the point. Your customers need a “prescribed” equipment financing solution specifically designed to preserve their business financial health today, tomorrow and for many years to come. Take a few minutes to ask some simple questions to understand their situation and diagnose which Americorp financing program could provide relief for their business needs.

  • What are the steps involved in the customer’s decision-making process? Some approval processes may channel directly through the CFO, but how many people are really involved in the decision? Understanding that chain of command (especially if 5+ people) allows us to craft a better value proposition for your customer.
  • How long does your customer expect to use the equipment? The number of years will lower their monthly payment (longer term = lower payment), but Americorp has programs for short-term (12-24 months) and long-term (36 to 72 months) equipment financing.
  • Do they want to keep the equipment after the financing term? Financing works for either “yes” or “no” as Americorp can tailor the end of term purchase option toward ownership or upgrading their equipment.
  • What type of capital expenditures are they planning this year and for future years? Financing has fixed payments so companies to budget for equipment acquisition now and for future months without a large, upfront cash outlay or upfront down payment.
  • What additional costs are involved with the equipment’s use? Financing can provide a total solution instead of separate invoices and headaches. Americorp can include services into an equipment financing program including software, maintenance, installation, consumables/reagents/disposables, programming or other qualified services.

Taking a few minutes to ask your customer these questions and understand the situation better. These answers will assist Americorp’s sales team in creating a better value proposition with personalized financing options to review with your customer.

Need some pain relief now? Contact your Americorp representative or email for assistance.