All In One

Throughout the healthcare industry, these terms are intermingled correctly or incorrectly to discuss the necessary supplies that go hand-in-hand with the use of the specific medical equipment. Americorp Financial has researched which term fits best – and we’ve determined that the best answer involved creating a program to support financing these supplementary products. Introducing our All-In-One Program. 

With Americorp Financial’s All-In-One Program, you offer healthcare providers (hospitals, laboratories, private practices) access to a budget-friendly solution to add new equipment and any reagent, disposable or other consumables into a single invoice for payment.

Americorp pays you upfront – just like a cash sale. Your customers pay for the use of the equipment through the purchase of consumables that the equipment uses on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. You also can bundle other services (maintenance, installation, training, software) into their payment.

As requested, Americorp can support your All-In-One Program with pass-through billing to service your customers without impacting your resources. We can bill, collect and pass through monthly maintenance (or consumables), which makes the program seamless to your customer and takes the burden of billing and collecting away from your team.

Why utilize the All-In-One financing program?

  • Customer makes monthly payments over a specific period of time
  • Flexibility of reconciliation periods (quarterly, semi-annually, etc.)
  • May include disposable/reagent/consumable products built into the usage
  • No monthly minimums
  • Creative end-of-term solutions
  • Contract terms up to 60 months

Americorp’s All-In-One Program provides your clients the real benefit of matching revenue with capital expenses. Usage programs are powerful selling tools to help close more sales with hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare providers with upfront budget constraints.

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All In One