“As a Service” Models

In supply chain and other technology industries, As a Service models have become the norm for manufacturers to sell their products as a service versus breaking out the individual parts involved (equipment, software, maintenance, programming, etc.).

Similar to bundling solutions, As a Service is sold to show return on investment (ROI) for purchasing an entire “solution” for their business. Some examples of As a Service include: SaaS (Software as a Service); RaaS (Robot as a Service); HaaS (Hardware as a Service); PaaS (Platform as a Service); and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

As a Service works for modern businesses because companies can grow their business with little investment while having the flexibility to grow their digital platform based on their pace. In a world governed by the latest and greatest technology, small business and Fortune 500 companies can keep pace with the ever-changing tech environment without worry of outdated equipment or services.

Financing becomes your As a Service program by providing the structure to implement your solution – combining equipment and services into one payment. Americorp Financial also has developed financial calculators showing how your As a Service program breaks down the financing payment and ROI by the day, hour or even minute.

It’s simple. You create a total price for the equipment and services. Americorp Financial will develop a financing payment structure to fit the business model of your customers. I guess you can call that Americorp As a Service… at YOUR service!

As A Service Models