Emerging Technology

As a healthcare-focused equipment finance company, Americorp Financial continually watches the strides that hospitals, pharmacies and other medical-based industries have made by incorporating emerging technology into their business processes. The buzzwords are prevalent in today’s news as the supply chain management, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), As a Service models, autonomous mobile robots, and AI/machine learning have evolved into popular topics and hashtags on social media.

Today’s businesses need a complete solution – not just a few pieces of equipment as return on investment (ROI) always becomes the main driver of equipment acquisition.

  • How will your technology solution improve production and generate cashflow for your customer?
  •  Does your sales quote consider the necessary services to support your equipment?
  •  What makes more sense – selling a minimum amount of equipment based on customer’s budget or opening up more opportunities with fixed monthly payments allowing them to acquire more needed upfront equipment?

Americorp has broadened our market presence into emerging technology to satisfy the growing needs of business customers nationwide. We’ve taken our flexible, innovative financing solutions and have applied these benefits to create programs designed to fit emerging technology manufacturers.

Our equipment financing programs have driven the technology As a Service models as they both utilize the same concepts. Instead of charging for a piece of equipment only, finance and service models incorporate a monthly cost for the equipment and any additional services.

  • Bundling Programs: Financing companies call this process “bundling” which incorporates services (sometimes called “soft costs”) into the monthly financing payment. Service costs can include, but are not limited to: software, hardware, maintenance, installation, monitoring, programming, or other qualified expenses. Americorp can provide financing calculators to include these costs and generate ROI for monthly, weekly, hourly or by the minute to share with your customers. Plus… your customers also could benefit from the tax deductions for qualified leases.
  • As a Service Programs: Americorp can support your As a Service program by breaking down financing payments in a manner to fit this trend. Industry terms include RaaS (Robot as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), HaaS (Hardware as a Service), or even PaaS (Platform as a Service). Why just offer one facet of your business when you can incorporate everything – using bundled leases or rental programs?

Americorp Financial has dedicated equipment financing professionals with experience setting up programs to fit within the As a Service model for your customer. Just like your technology is redefining industries, Americorp is REDEFINING how you offer customer finance solutions.