Flexible Programs

The benefits listed above are just some of the reasons why financing benefits your customer. We also have compared some advantages of a lease vs. loan on this website for your use.

Almost 80% of United States businesses finance equipment. If you are not offering an alternative to cash, then your business probably is losing sales to a competitor with an in-house financing program. Forward-thinking businesses want to invest in the technology, software and equipment, but they also must consider how long the equipment will last and whether the equipment will maintain pace with technological advancements.

Americorp has multiple financing program options to offer your customers, but what type of financing program do you need as an alternative to cash?

  • Would your customer want a standard $1 Buyout Lease (ownership at lease end) or Fair Market Value Lease (return, own or extend financing at lease end) work based on the Section 179 tax benefits and ability to upgrade to new technology?
  • Can your customer afford a monthly rental payment (up to two years) until budget dollars are approved – with a portion of that payment going toward the equity in the equipment?
  • Does your customer need a complete solution (i.e., As a Service) in one monthly invoice – which may include not only the equipment, but also software, installation, training, consumables in healthcare, programming, and other qualified services?
  • Would your customer agree to financing if they didn’t have to make a payment for a specific period (i.e., 90 days), so your equipment would generate revenue upfront for them to earmark for the financing payments?

When working with our manufacturing partners, Americorp’s financing professionals ask questions like these to understand the market and propose equipment financing programs to offer your customers. Sometimes, a “one size fits all” program doesn’t work for your sales team or customers as today’s financing solutions must be flexible to each customer.

You can visit our Design Your Program section of the website to review a few of our equipment financing programs – including our Bridge to Budget solution that has worked well in the healthcare channel. You also can reach out to Americorp Financial through one of our contact forms or directly at sales@americorpusa.com.