Healthcare and Medical

Americorp Financial is proud to boast about our more than 30 years of providing flexible equipment financing programs to help healthcare manufacturers nationwide. During this time frame, we’ve grown into a full-service, independent financing company dedicated to providing competitive solutions, high-quality service, streamlined processes, and a resource of experienced professionals who understand how to promote your personalized programs seamlessly to your commercial customers in the medical market.

In the healthcare industry, Americorp’s programs are often imitated but never duplicated. Our manufacturer partners rely on our Bridge to Budget solutions to take into consideration every aspect of a hospital’s approval process including how budget constraints could affect the sale.

Our team is ready to assist you in developing a customized program to target your healthcare customers.

  • Hospitals: Every hospital is different – and you need to understand the “big picture” in terms of their equipment needs, potential additional services/costs, the specific budget process, the decision makers and the overall situation. With this knowledge, Americorp will develop a financing program to fit your equipment into their budget that will appease the medical staff as well as the financial decision makers. We encourage you to discuss financing upfront as an option as most hospitals typically do not want to invest a large upfront cash outlay for technology. Your hospital customer acquires your equipment at a fixed payment and term selected by their decision makers which eliminates budget constraints – plus they avoid potential equipment obsolescence with the option to purchase outright, extend the term, or return the equipment to upgrade to new technology.
  • Private Practices: As an independent “business owner”, every dollar spent is crucial to patients’ happiness and operational success. Financing puts your equipment price into a better perspective by breaking the total amount into an affordable monthly payment instead of a total price. “You can get our equipment for $50,000 now or finance it for $600 a month” becomes an easy, logical choice for your doctor, dentist, optometrist or specific private practice owner. A deferred payment or step program allows the private practice to generate revenue using your equipment at a reasonable cost upfront with the standard end of term options. Americorp also creates cost-effective rent to own programs on a month-by-month basis with our vendor partners, which allows your private practices to give the equipment a “test drive” for up to two years.
  • Group Practices: Having more than one healthcare professional in the building may mean more equipment needs for the entire facility since they could share patients and resources. With multiple doctors and office staff in the decision-making process, any one person could nix your potential sale. Like a hospital, you should do homework on the business model, the associated healthcare system, and patient levels to develop a financing program targeting the entire facility. A rental program may make more sense if the group practice rotates in physicians and staff on an annual basis. Group practices also may find a short-term 0% Interest financing program (12 to 24 months) appealing as they own the equipment without a large upfront budget expense.

If you need a medical device, software or hospital equipment financing program, Americorp can show you how we are REDEFINING how you offer customer finance solutions! Contact Americorp’s sales team by using the form to the right.