Supply Chain Management

Technology also has impacted warehousing as larger corporations are turning to automated processes for inventory control and supply chain management. Robotic solutions for warehousing tasks is growing based on cost savings, reduction of human error, and 24-hour working capabilities to fulfill the growing e-commerce market (23% increase every year).

According to a Modern Materials Handling survey in May 2018, companies will spend a total average of $1.25 million on materials handling equipment (up from $1.17 million in 2017). Most businesses will order directly from a manufacturer (70%) or from their distributor/dealers (60%).

The survey also discussed some key factors in evaluating automated solutions for materials handling and supply chain management. Total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI) and maintenance costs ranked as the top concern of 81% of the respondents of the survey.

Based on the above factors, why wouldn’t you offer a financing program to acquire technology for supply chain management and materials handling? Financing has no upfront costs for the equipment, your customer can bundle maintenance costs into the payment, and the customer also doesn’t have to worry about technology obsolescence!

  • Bundling Programs: Financing companies call this process “bundling” which incorporates services (sometimes called “soft costs”) into the monthly financing payment. Service costs can include, but are not limited to: software, hardware, maintenance, installation, monitoring, programming, or other qualified expenses. Americorp can provide financing calculators to include these costs and generate ROI for monthly, weekly, hourly or by the minute to share with your customers. Plus… your customers also could benefit from the tax deductions for qualified leases.
  • As a Service Programs: Americorp can support your As a Service program by breaking down financing payments in a manner to fit this trend. Industry terms include RaaS (Robot as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), HaaS (Hardware as a Service), or even PaaS (Platform as a Service). Why just offer one facet of your business when you can incorporate everything – using bundled leases or rental programs?

Americorp Financial has dedicated equipment financing professionals with experience setting up programs to fit within the As a Service model for your customer. You have developed automation solutions to redefine supply chain automation; Americorp is REDEFINING how you offer customer finance solutions to your market.