Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

The physical therapy market is becoming competitive as patients wants the best care during their recovery from ailments and the latest technology to assist in healing quicker and better. Like most healthcare services, physical therapists also need to think about their budget and their patients while balancing exercise and rehabilitation equipment for their facility or multiple locations.

Some equipment may last for the life of their business such as weights, dumbbells, treatment tables and other furniture. Modern rehabilitation equipment is tied more to technology, which means the upfront cash outlay for a couple of pieces of equipment that may last under three years doesn’t make sense. The ebb and flow of patients – due to recovery – also can impact the incoming revenue steam where equipment purchased may not be used or become obsolete over time.

Americorp Financial has worked with nationwide physical therapy equipment manufacturers to eliminate physical therapy and rehabilitation center customers concerns about the large upfront costs and potential technology obsolescence typically associated with climbers, treadmills, cycles and other technology-based rehabilitation equipment.

Understanding how financing programs can provide upfront relief for your physical therapy and rehabilitation customers can position their business to grow, acquire the “right” amount of equipment to meet patients’ needs, and budget easily with consistent payments.

Americorp has designed creative financing programs to support physical therapy and rehabilitation centers nationwide. Here’s a few ideas that might help close a sale using a creative financing option instead of a straight cash sale.

  • Equity Rent to Own: Some healthcare customers would rather try your equipment out first before deciding on a long-term purchase. Americorp’s Rent to Own program allows physical therapist and rehabilitation centers to rent the equipment on a monthly basis with the option to purchase down the road. A portion of each rental payment goes toward the equipment’s equity; the customer can purchase the equipment anytime within a two-year period of the rental.
  • Deferred or Step Payments: Do you have a customer that needs to acquire physical therapy and/or rehabilitation equipment but does not have the upfront capital? In the financing industry, a 90-day deferred lease provides no payments for 90 days then standard monthly payments. This program allows your customer to generate revenue using the equipment which the business can earmark for making future lease payments.
  • Step Payments: Another option involves step payments – the financing starts with smaller payments in the beginning but then ramps up to increased payments toward the end of the term. Designed to help newer businesses, a step lease provides eliminates upfront cash constraints but allows to acquire all equipment needed instead of just a few machines. The payment schedule also is designed with your customer to confirm when lease payments increase at a specific month or time during the financing period.

Americorp has the flexible financing programs you need to improve the flexibility in your customers’ patients. We finance most types of rehabilitation equipment for facilities nationwide. Our team wants to show you how we are REDEFINING how you offer customer financing solutions!