Thomas Dunigan

President and CEO
Brief info

Thomas X. Dunigan serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Americorp Financial. For more than 35 years, Tom has been influential in designing healthcare-focused equipment financing solutions designed to assist manufacturers and their sales channel to close sales with healthcare facilities nationwide. His innovative programs have helped hospitals, pharmacies and physical therapists acquire equipment through competitive and flexible programs.

Thomas X. Dunigan (Tom), President and Chief Executive Officer, co-founded Americorp in 1986 with Ardy Cortez. Tom oversees the sales function and is responsible for strategy formulation and overall management of the company and has been instrumental in Americorp’s success in the healthcare equipment leasing market.

With more than 38 years experience in healthcare equipment financing, Tom continues to develop unique programs for hospitals, pharmacies, long term care, private practices, rehabilitation therapy and other medical equipment manufacturers and distributors. He believes in delivering professional customer service, competitive financing programs, and a strong work ethic focused on closing transactions for our vendor partners using targeted equipment financing concepts including lease, rental, finance and numerous hybrid financing solutions.

Tom’s early development of special hybrid finance programs in the 1980’s was a contributing factor in the company’s ongoing success today. Commercial healthcare customers are looking for competitive and innovative programs to finance equipment. Sometimes, a generic equipment lease with a standard buyout option does not work in today’s healthcare market. Instead, Tom continues to evolve hybrid financing solutions to go above and beyond standard offerings of most of Americorp competitors.

While many of his programs are often replicated but never duplicated by our competitors, Tom continues to devise numerous programs to help larger healthcare facilities to fit technology and services within budget constraints, but also take into account the “unseen” expenses sometimes associated with specific equipment types (i.e. software, installation, training, consumables, reagents). Americorp invests in our vendor partners and offers support through online or in-person training, competitive programs, in-house marketing support, and the full-service operations necessary to support your financing efforts in the market.

“When I meet with our vendors or a prospective vendor, I want to hear about how they sell in the marketplace and how Americorp’s specific programs make sense. We can seamlessly integrate financing options for their products and services into their market while addressing their customers’ financial obstacles. We want their team to be comfortable with selling our financing programs and understand the strong support mechanism Americorp’s staff offers as their financing provider. Our team will develop all of the sales and marketing tools to successfully implement financing easily into your sales strategy – and we will support your sales team and customers as our own with the professionalism and efficiency expected from a partner.”

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University. From 1979 to 1986, Tom served as Vice President with The Bancorp Group, Inc. with responsibility for medical equipment leasing.